The Aspect API is a REST based API and provides NFT data on Starknet.

The API helps developers build NFT experiences using our marketplace data at scale with minimal transaction fees, powered by Starknet. We provide a set of endpoints that enable you to fetch ERC721 and ERC1155 token metadata as well as other core aspects of our marketplace, including assets, events, contract, and more.

We provide this API free of charge and ask that you provide attribution to Aspect on your site or in your app. When using our API, you should link to the Aspect marketplace from the NFTs that you display, where appropriate.

Click here to try our Asset endpoint.

For support, please reach out to us on our Discord, Twitter or Telegram

🚨V0 Alpha Notice🚨:

Aspect runs on Starknet, which is currently in Alpha. Expect stability to improve as Starknet moves towards beta.


Endpoints that return many items are paginated using a cursor. To get the next set of results, use the next_url field returned.